18 Februari 2009


Islam is the only religion that perfect all the joints of human life and the universe. Human economic activities are also arranged in the principles of Islam illahiyah. Property is in us, not indeed belong to man, but only from Allah swt titipan that used the most of the interest of mankind that will eventually all return to Allah SWT to be ...

The Islamic Economics

Islamic Economics is the science of studying the behavior of economic man perilakunya which is set based on the rule based on Islam and the nation as be in harmonious and peaceful faith of Islam.

Work is an obligation that Allah SWT commanded, as he says in a letter Taubah At paragraph 105:

"And say, work for you, because Allah and His Messenger and those who believe will see it."

Because the work takes on the amnesty, as Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "He who in the evening because of hand fatigue, then in the evening he gets forgiveness." (HR.Thabrani and Baihaqi)

Islamic Economic Objectives

Any rule that Allah revealed Islam in the system lead to the achievement of goodness, prosperity, virtue, and eliminate the evil, suffering, and loss on all of His creation. Similarly, in economic terms, the aim is to help people achieve victory in the world and the Hereafter.

Fuqaha an Egyptian origin named Prof. Muhammad Abu Zahrah said there are three objectives of Islamic law shows that Islam was revealed as a mercy for all mankind, namely:
  1. Purgation of the soul so that every Muslim can be a source of good for society and the environment.
  2. The establishment of justice in society. Justice is covering aspects of life in the field of law and muamalah.
  3. Achieving maslahah (the peak). The scholars agreed that maslahah become the top target on the basic warranty covers five:
  • Safety confidence religion ( al din )
  • Salvation of the soul ( al nafs )
  • Safety intellect ( al aql )
  • Family and descendants of (al nasl)
  • Safety property (al mal)

Economic Principles of Islam

In general economic Islam has some basic principles:
  1. Various resources is seen as giving or titipan from Allah to mankind.
  2. Islam recognizes private ownership in certain limits.
  3. Strength of Islam is the main economic cooperation.
  4. slamic economic decline of a rich accumulation of domination by a few people only.
  5. Economy Islam guarantees the ownership and use is planned for the benefit of many people.
  6. A mulsim must fear Allah and the determination of hours later in the Hereafter.
  7. Zakah must be paid on the property that meets the limit (nisab)
  8. Islam forbids usury in all forms.

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