19 Februari 2009


One investment product that has to adjust to the rules of sharia, namely mutual funds. This investment product can be a good alternative to replace the banking product that is felt at the time of this result is relatively small.

Mutual fund investment mechanism similar to the actual investment for the results. Investors and investment managers "joint venture" to make the investment into a variety of investment products that require a large capital.

Meanwhile, to make investment decisions solely held by investment managers a more expert and experienced. Furthermore, results of profitable investment the result is divided among the investors and investment managers in accordance with the proportion of capital owned.

Mechanism for the results is consistent with the Sharia rules, but the problem is a step so the investment manager of investment made freely without restriction rule sharia.

To create a product that is the mutual funds where sharia investment decisions made by managers of investment made in the boundaries signs sharia. In this way, the investment is distributed to the investors to be net of usury and the elements that are not halal other.

In making investment, sharia mutual funds can do anything as long as it does not contradict the Sharia. of investment is not lawful that should not be done in the field of investment is gambling, prostitution, pornography, food and beverages forbidden, usury of financial institutions and others, which is determined by the Board of Supervisors Sharia.

In relation to the stock-selling of shares traded on stock exchanges, BEJ already issued a list of companies that are listed in the exchanges in accordance with Islamic sharia, or stock-shares listed on the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII). Where is the stock-shares listed in this index have been determined by the Board of Sharia.

Transaction in Sharia mutual funds are not allowed to gamble action, which contains a quote gharar as false speculation and other actions. Although the products Sharia mutual funds are still limited in number, but can be a good alternative for Muslims who want to get the results of that investment.

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