19 Februari 2009


Weakening the value of shares Wall Street shares resulted in a number of European descent. UK FTSE 100 index down 1.05 percent at 4907.44, and is, in the German Dax index down 2.45 percent and are in the position of 5666.29 and the CAC 40 index in France weakened 1.32 percent and are in the position of 4001.08 transaction on the afternoon in Europe. All three European stock indexes have had an increase in the transaction before the opening of Wall Street today.

We all certainly know that at this time of super power in the United States are problems / financial crisis. According to the compass causes of the economic crisis the U.S. is the cumulation of national debt reached 8.98 trillion USD, a reduction in corporation tax, swelling cost of war iraq and Afghanistan, and the most crucial is the Subprime Mortgage: Loss of valuable property, so make bankrupt Lehman Brothers, Merryl Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Northern Rock, UBS, Mitsubishi UF.

Newspapers in Europe to highlight the economic crisis in the United States also began to feel its impact in Europe. Konjunktur about the crisis in the United States and the consequences for global economic growth, from the Italian daily La Republica that in Rome in the news comments:

"Currently the United States was a very serious recession and painful. Pertanyaanya now is: what an konjunktur this phase, and whether the economy will be able to overthrow the United States in a sudden? In Europe, especially the European Central Bank even realize it is the illusion, still expect that they can still melindung region or ward of the impact of economic crisis in the United States. However, in Europe this year 2008 will no longer be able to withstand the impact of the economic crisis from the United States and will participate tergilas. "

France's Daily Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace are also published in Strassburg on the edge of the world economic crisis page: "In Germany unions demanding salary increase to 8 percent to compensate for the purchasing power, which continues to decrease. Also in France decreased purchasing power to be a topic discussion. However, in reality, a decrease in purchasing power this is a problem throughout Europe. In any economic growth must be corrected downwards. European Central Bank slash-union demands, especially with the spotlight as the German economy of Europe. Global economy changes dramatically. Credit crisis in the United States shows how weak monetary globalization. The new economic actors also appear outside of the plan. As with any long-term savings from the countries of oil, which is a long term investment. Different from the pension fund, which is only interested in short-term profits. Drastic changes in the financial circulation can not be ignored anymore. "

Daily while circulating in the German Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin that comments: "Also, if not all the fears become reality, now look how bad preparation for the decline konjunktur Germany. Last year, the treasury income only get 70 million euros, although the sector's income tax increased by billions of euros. Countries can not afford again to restore its ability to act. Politics on the whole, failed to take advantage of the rate konjunktur. Health insurance, retirees and foundation funds market does not work again immune from the crisis. This theme should be discussed in the campaign. "

And the last liberal Danish daily Information is published in Copenhagen on the impact of recession on the presidential election campaign in the U.S.: "The threat of economic recession presidential election year, the magic seems to be streamlining of the Republic of the party and Democratic party in Congress and the president at this time. At this time must also be injected fresh funds for economic circulation, and better of course if they were distributed directly to U.S. consumers. Had the U.S. president forestall this project, the opportunity to defend the Republic of party power in the White House would be bad. For the democrat party candidate could throw the responsibility for the serious recession year 2008, the Bush and to the Republic party. In the meantime, it seems the economic crisis increased the opportunities page for the Democratic party won the presidential election and reach a majority in the two rooms in the Congress. "

So how about in Indonesia? financial crisis that befall the United States clearly have impact on Indonesia, as prices continue to weaken the rupiah, which JCI is also not healthy, exports are also estimated to be hampered because of U.S. companies will be doing the political banting price. However, if the economic crisis that occurred in Indonesia in 1997/98 will happen again? According to the UGM economist Sri Adiningsih rate up to this far by the Indonesian government not have the strategic steps to anticipate the impact of U.S. financial crisis, the U.S. financial crisis, if not soon then the impact on the economy could worsen the economic crisis compared to 1997/98.

At least we hope the market in Asia still survive the crisis that occurred in the U.S., because at this time the government only has a strategy to focus on the export distribution channels, but the Asian market when it is destroyed participate Indonesia will experience the economic crisis is more severe from the year 1997 / 98.

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